Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If only I'd known this three months ago...

What mother wouldn't want to give this face:

or this one:

something to cuddle with at night?

Something snuggly and soft... and made out of the baby's very own placenta. (Because nothing says "comfort object" like human organs preserved in the form of teddy bears).

It's a great idea, if you are looking to name your child Frankenstein.

Seriously, this looks like something a bored Hannibal Lecter would cook up. What is wrong with the designer of this bear, and for heaven's sake, what is wrong with the 720 people who think it is "totally cuddle-worthy"?! I certainly wouldn't want to run into any of them in a dark alley.

This placenta-worship thing is just not normal (lotus birth, anyone?). And neither is anyone who finds a "cuddly" use for any human organ.

But I'm probably just saying that because I was deprived of my own placental teddy bear.

I guess my mom just didn't love me.


mean aunt said...

Seriously people?

Evil HR Lady said...

You made me LOL. Your mother obviously didn't love you. No placenta bear for you!

fiona said...

ick, ick, ick, GROSS!!! And they look so disgusting! I need to go scrub my eyes.

Megan B ♥ said...



"Awwwwww...." on the sweet, kissable baby faces that you have posted.

Ditto Fiona for everything else.

Stephanie Black said...