Thursday, January 14, 2010

Q & A

I have been getting a lot of questions and helpful comments lately, so I thought I would take a minute to address the most common ones:

Why aren't you blogging as much?
Sleep is more important than blogging.

How are you sleeping?
In my bed. Next to my husband.

Are you more uncomfortable than you were with Michael?
For the most part, no, but I tire out about ten times as quickly.

You look exhausted.
Thank you, I try.

I bet you are so ready to be done!
Not really. I enjoy being pregnant and would never wish it away.

You look too small to be having twins.
Thank you. I shall now obsess over my babies being born too small.

Twins! No wonder you are so big!
Thank you again. Would you like to comment on my butt size as well?

Do twins run on your side of the family or your husband's side?
They run in my doctor's office. That being said, this question is irrelevant. My husband could come from a long line of twins and it would not affect my chances of having them myself.

Are they identical or fraternal?
We're having a boy and a girl.

So are they identical?
Um, sure hope not!

How far along are you?
35 weeks.

Are you going to deliver vaginally or by c-section? (most commonly asked by strangers).
I'm sorry, what was your name again? Generally I like to be acquainted with someone before discussing my private parts.

Are you going to breastfeed?
Again with the private parts.

I could never handle twins.
That's nice.

What are you going to name them?
We'll let you know after they are born.

What does your belly look like?
Like this (well, that's what it looked like a week ago, anyway).

If you have a burning question that I missed, post it in the comments and I'll answer it. Either that or make fun of it.

One of the two.


mean aunt said...

Can I pat your belly? Oh, wait, people don't usually ASK that. . .

Cameron and Nonie Gay said...

Thanks for making my evening. You said it perfectly. Hope the next few weeks go by great for you and good luck napping. Older children make that luxury a little tricky. Can't wait to see the little darlings and I think you look fabulous!

MyDonkeySix said...

You don't ask, mean aunt, you just pat away like you own the belly.

Kristin said...

You look great! You're a much better pregnant lady than I am. Good luck with these next two weeks!

Cath said...

Doug and I just had the best laugh over your post! We thought you covered the most common obnoxious questions extremely well.

What about this one -

"You're having twins? Oh! God bless you!"
Thanks. He already has!

And my favorite comment, spoken by a nurse who did NOT have twins (the day we found out it was two) - "Oh honey. You got two hands, two boobs and a husband. You goin' be jus fine!" For some reason it wasn't quite that simple. You look great Bonnie!

Evil HR Lady said...

These questions and answers were awesome!

Stephanie Black said...

You look darling! Love the picture

It's amazing to me how anything childbirth-related can short-circuit people's tact and common sense.

overlyactive said...

Bonnie you really do have a fun sense of humor, thanks for keeping me laughing. Take care! Love from Logan.

fiona said...

You look great! Just right :) I love the answers...I can so hear you replying just like that. I'm glad you enjoy being pregnant, I'll def miss some aspects of it, but I'm so ready to meet my girl! And I can't wait to see your little twins!

Angela said...

My husband was asked by a co-worker when we were expecting our third, "Don't you know what causes that?" To which he replied, "Yes, and we really enjoy it!"

mathmom said...

Bonnie, you look fabulous! And, your Q&As are right on. But, you seem to have forgotten one. Maybe it is just a Utah thing. However, I would like to submit one more.

So, are you done having kids now? Or, Now that you got a girl, are you done?

What in the world makes anyone think that my family planning is any of their business? It seems that even complete strangers want to know if you are "done"!

Sara said...

Darn! Mathmom beat me to it. I was so going to ask if you were done having kids now that you're having a girl.

We get asked ALL THE TIME if we're going to "try for a boy" - because, you know, heaven forbid anyone want two girls [insert sarcasm here].

Tara said...

Just wait 'til they're out and pray that no one asks you if they "left one in there"!!! Seriously. . . that happened. Maybe you have a smarter Grandpa than I do though. . .

Megan B said...

Those were way too funny!! I have a feeling it's just going to continue for the rest of your life! Make way for the nosey! You look wonderful, by the way!

Mika said...

If you think those kind of answers are going to stop after birth, you're wrong. They only get weirder and ruder. I've had people ask me how I nursed twins. Not something I feel compelled to explain to a complete stranger. Just wait until you get asked which one is the "bad" twin. I loved that one.

Mika said...

I wrote "answers" but meant to write "questions". Man I need more sleep.

fiona said...

Why would anyone even need to ask how you nurse twins? can't they count? two babies...two boobs... :P When I get asked that (not very often) I look at them like they're weird and say "one on each side...? a special pillow...?" Unless they're really nice, then I feel badly making it seem like they're idiots... I don't mind answering ?s, but sometimes they're just moronic. Mika, you always seem to get weird remarks, etc., haha!

Doc Waters said...
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Doc Waters said...

I usually enjoy your postings, but this one just made me laugh out loud...thanks for sharing. I should do something similar to your Question and Answer but for Single Adults...that is a great idea!!

here is the first one...

Question: Why aren't you married...what's wrong with you?

Answer:: I could reply...because I'm too fat...or the 3 Nephites have the good ones in a cave somewhere (location unknown)...or something to that effect...I will work on it!

Dr. Mom said...

Oh I needed a laugh this afternoon. Thank you! BTW - sent the Baby Bjorn in the mail today. Can't believe you only have 10 days left.