Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Misguided Wrath of PETA

President Obama is in hot water with PETA for his cruel treatment of an animal. Boy, what did he do? Pinch a fluffy kitten? Eat a burger at Five Guys (of which he and his wife are apparently big fans, each having treated their staff members to a meal at the popular restaurant in recent weeks)? You'd think if PETA was going to complain about something it would be the leader of the free world snarfing down a dripping, juicy burger. You know, meat from a cow. Which would probably still be grazing in a peaceful green meadow at this moment if it weren't for the Carnivore in Chief who devoured him.

But no, PETA is upset because the President swatted a fly (caught the little bugger with a smack of his hand, too. Impressive!) during an interview at the White House on Tuesday.

PETA spokesman, Bruce Friedrich, is sending the President a Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher so that the next time Obama crosses paths with a fly, he can release the little pest into the wild. "We support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic of animals," Friedrich said. Which makes me wonder, does this man spray his house for cockroaches or ignore mouse poop in the cupboards in an effort to be sweet and loving to the disease-ridden vermin?

He goes on to say that PETA is pleased with Obama's voting record in the Senate with regard to animal rights, but that "swatting a fly on TV indicates he's not perfect." Oh, how tragic to miss perfection by such a small margin! (I'm sure it's keeping Obama up at night).

The president's press secretary says the White House has no comment on the matter. ("Dear PETA, you are a batch of nutcases...") I'm glad the White House has the sense to ignore such ridiculous hand wringing. Killing a pesty insect is a non-issue, unlike other things like, you know, war, or Supreme Court nominees, or the economy.

Has it ever occurred to PETA that throwing a fit over the squashing of a fly undermines the good and reasonable parts of their agenda (however few and far between they are)?

And then it makes me wonder - what is Mr. Friedrich's position on abortion? You know, inhumane treatment and killing of actual humans?

But what am I saying? That's just silly. Never mind the babies, let's save the flies.


foculbrown said...

Here's wishing that PETA would just shut up.

I think that no one has done anything "bad" recently, so they had to make something up.

Oh, why didn't that clip get cut? Why was it broadcast? It seems like such a stupid thing to leave in.

Julia said...

I think everyone in PETA needs to spend some time in Europe in 1348 A.D.