Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If You Must...

There is a bar/lounge across the street from us that I have never actually walked by. Which is too bad, really, because apparently I have been missing out on some serious fun. As David and I passed by on Saturday we noticed a sign placed prominently in the window (next to the blaring rainbow flag): "If you must do illegal drugs, please don't do them here."

"If you must"? What kind of anti-drug message is that? How about a similar anti-murder message? "If you must kill someone, please don't leave the body on my porch." Or burglary? "If you must rob someone, please don't choose me!" I'm so confused. But I'm glad to know that this bar at least sort of, kind of encourages their clientele to take their heroin needles elsewhere.

It's certainly not a poster that would win any drug-prevention contests (like my creative cat poster in the third grade that won me a ride in a police car with its clever catchphrase: "Stay Purrrfect. Say no to drugs." Original, eh?). It's not even eye-catching. But the volume of those three little words of encouragement is so loud you can hear it pulsing in the streets.

I guess in this age of moral relativism it would be offensive to tell someone not to do something, so instead we say, "If you must..." and hand out packages of free condoms to classrooms of teenagers and clean needles to drug addicts. As long as they take care of their unholy business somewhere else, who cares if they do those things, right? Just make sure it's not in my backyard.

Next week there will probably be a map posted next to the "If you must" sign directing patrons to a quiet little alleyway where they can shoot up in peace.

Why does tolerance have to extend to greenlighting the dangerous behavior of others? Can't we just say no anymore? Be smart, don't start?

Heck, I'll even vote for "Stay purrrrfect. Say no to drugs."

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