Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So Much For My Theory (And Thank Goodness For Modern Medicine)

For the last twenty-seven years I've been convinced that my entire family is somehow immune to strep. No one ever had it until my oldest brother came down with it this year and blew my theory. Well, I decided to take that a step further and come down with it myself. Man, it's miserable. I'm having trouble deciding if it's better or worse than hand, foot and mouth disease, which I caught from Michael earlier this year. (I'll bet you didn't know adults could get that, did you? Well, they can, and it's not pleasant). Right now the jury is still out. But I think strep might be winning by just a hair, mostly because that's what I'm dealing with now and I can't see far enough past my severe pain to be scientific about it. All I can say is thank goodness for penicillin, and I hope it starts working fast! And thank goodness for the Jamba Juice across the street, which has provided my meals for the past two days.

In other news, thanks to Oliver, I've spent the last hour glued to my computer screen watching this video. Luckily for David, he isn't home to be subjected to the never-ending loop. I am having trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that it is actually humanly possible to play this piece. It is just so amazing! I love the addition of the melody line of "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks" in the middle. And check out those feet! Wow.


singingrae said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're sick too. It's no fun! I hate strep! Ouch!

Too bad you can't claim a "bulging" ear though. If you have to be sick, you might as well have one of those.

overlyactive said...

Get better soon!

fiona said...

Whoa. You had hand, foot, and mouth disease? I know it's not related at all, but that always makes me think of mad cow disease. I guess cause it's also called hoof and mouth disease... I'm glad you didn't get that. I bet that would be worse than HF&M OR strep... ;)

I'm sorry you're sick. Ugh. I hope you're better soon!

overlyactive said...

So I just watched the amazing video and WOW. Was this during this years Christmas Concert?

Sara said...

Love the video!

And HUGE sympathies and hugs and soothing throat thoughts sent your way - I hadn't had strep since I was a kid - until last fall. Himself and I both got it - failed to go to the doctor - and, well, it lasted several weeks. M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.

And not a fun time of year to be sick, either. Though I am rather jealous about the proximity of your apt. to a Jamba Juice!