Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And The Winner Is...

I had this idea to make a cute video of Michael drawing the winning name out of a bowl. Unfortunately my plans had to change when Michael came down with a fever and yucky cough yesterday and asked us to put him to bed early. (There is nothing sadder than your toddler asking to be put to bed, especially when his usual routine involves staying up as late as you will let him, getting more and more hyper by the minute).

So David and I did the drawing ourselves. And the winner is...

Jen Mangum! Congrats! I will email you shortly.

But wait, there's more. I always like to see who comes in second, so we decided to keep drawing. As David pulled the second name I said, "Too bad it wasn't Rachel since she said she never wins anything. She'll probably be drawn last." This got a glance and a smile from David who said, "Let's see!"

So we kept drawing and drawing, waiting for Rachel's name to appear. With no cheating and no peeking or trying in any way to mess with the results, Rachel's name finally appeared... dead last. It was so funny we couldn't help laughing hysterically. Rachel, your luck is as bad as mine (just ask me about the infamous fourth grade tale of woe involving a giant Hershey's kiss and math bees).

But the good news is that we laughed so hard at the situation we decided we simply had to give away another book. So, Rachel, you are getting a prize for coming in last. Congratulations!

Thanks to all who participated! That was really fun.

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singingrae said...

Ah hahahahaha! JUST MY LUCK! Actually, this is the first time in history that my bad luck has actually paid off. So, thank you very much! I am pleased to be the biggest loser and actually win something for it!

Here's to coming in DEAD LAST again and to "luckily", my unlucky adverb. Hehehe