Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sanity, Where Art Thou?

Last week was not my week.  It started with someone puking (Matthew) and ended with someone puking (Leah).  I was not only late to the airport to pick up my niece and take her to an important life event (entering the MTC), I lost my car keys, credit card, and cell phone, all separately and within 5 minutes of each other RIGHT AFTER USING THEM and almost couldn't get out of the airport parking lot.  Matthew developed mysterious hives twice, Leah painted my new leather couch with glitter nail polish that I can't get off, Michael flooded the bathroom and broke my hair clippers in the middle of Saturday haircut night, and I found a peed-in pull-up in the lego bin.  Again.

But at least I have this picture to look at after new missionary, Katie, bequeathed this sparkly scarf and hat to my dress-up box.  Isn't he beautiful?

I'm serious - look at those eyelashes!  (Why is it always the boys who get the longest eyelashes?)

But, the good news is that, at the end of it all, my niece, Amy, came and (as part of her graduate studies in psychology) administered a 2.5 hour test to Michael which proved that he does, in fact, have an attention span longer than a flea's.  Who knew?  Plus, she brought me flowers, just in time to let David off the hook for Valentine's Day!  Now he can focus on more important things... like chocolate.

Except for that pesky fact that I'm not supposed to be eating chocolate.  At least not as much as I want to eat, anyway.  (Of course, if I ate as much as I wanted to eat I'd earn myself a guest-spot in the Macy's Parade as head balloon.  Which would be awesome, let's face it.  New York City?  Yes, please).

As it is I will just have to console myself by drinking this calorie-free, tasty-but-probably-liver-dissolving, peach-flavored Fresca and calling it a "treat."

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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