Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dumb as a Rock

According to a new survey, 1 in 10 women would refuse a marriage proposal if they didn't like the engagement ring.  This confirms what I have always suspected:  women are stupid.

Ha!  Okay, not all women are stupid.  But I really hate it when they act like selfish spoiled brats.

"Oh darling, I love you so much, but unless you are willing to go into extreme debt so I can show off to all of my friends, I won't marry you."

What in the world...?

When David and I were first thinking about tying the knot we were poor college students whose diet consisted mainly of Pasta-roni and grape Kool-Aid.  I told him I wanted a cubic zirconia and a washer and dryer.  Instead he used his tax return to buy me a beautiful diamond ring (isn't he a cute little accountant?).  Is it small?  Yes.  Is it perfect?  Yes.

You know what made it perfect?  The man who gave it to me.  He could have fashioned a ring out of aluminum foil and I would have treasured it.  Even if he didn't get down on bended knee to give it to me.

But according to the same survey, 1 in 5 women were disappointed with the way their future hubby proposed.  The reasons were all over the board:  He didn't do the one-knee thing, the proposal wasn't "special" enough, he didn't ask her father if he could ride off into the sunset with her, the ring wasn't big enough...  13% of these women were so disappointed by the lack of spectacular proposal that they wanted to cry.

You know what advice I would give to their future husbands?  Run.  Far away.

I understand that the events surrounding a marriage are something girls like to dream about from the time they discover a pillowcase makes a great wedding veil.  There is nothing wrong with having dreams.  But there is something wrong if your dreams are causing you to be constantly disappointed by the reality of the man who loves you.

So, adjust your expectations.  Appreciate what you have.  And if there is something that is incredibly important to you, tell your man about it.  (If I could get women to understand one thing about men it would be this:  THEY DO NOT READ MINDS).

If the perfect proposal is important to you, tell him.  If you want input on your engagement ring, tell him.  If you want him to ask your father for your hand in marriage, tell him.  You are not allowed to be disappointed if you have not told him what you want!  And as for a giant rock, if you think he should go into debt or spend all of his life savings to buy you a ring, you need to quit being so self-centered.  It's not about the ring, it's about the promise that goes with it.   Jewelry means nothing.

But the man you marry means everything.


MyDonkeySix said...

So I should be upset that Marshall proposed to me in a park? Man! I've been letting it slide for the past 13 years! What was I thinking?!

It's sad that engagements and weddings no longer have anything to do with the actual relationship. It's all about the show. No wonder divorce rates are so high. Hmmmm.....

lori said...

Trust me, I sell engagement rings. I see this every single day. The poor guys who've saved all they can to buy this token of love for their girl, and she completely ignores his budget. "I want something bigger. That diamond is so small!" Or the ones who drag him around to twelve different stores throughout the state until she find just the right one she has on her Pinterest board...

On the other side of the equation though we see the guys who couldn't care less. The ones, who, when separated from their sweet girlfriends, say something like "I really don't care! and I have no money. I just wanted to get her off my back".

So marriage is a two way street, and I think many of the people entering into this contract shouldn't have licenses!

Bonnie said...

I agree, Lori. Women certainly don't have a monopoly on stupidity. Although, in fairness to the guys, I think many men probably don't care that much about the details of an engagement ring and women should not take this fact so personally. (Though if his statement is "I just want to get her off my back" -- yikes! No marriage for you!)

But mostly what I want to say about your comment is thank you for your grammatically correct usage of the phrase "couldn't care less." Ahhhh. Refreshing. I was beginning to think no one knew how to say this anymore.