Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2013

For those who missed the print version:

Dear Family and Friends,

Great news!  If you read last year’s Christmas letter there is no need to read this one!  (You’re welcome!)  Nothing has changed except our pant sizes (can we help it if Costco keeps selling those delectable peppermint truffles?) and the fact that our kids are now one year older and sneakier.  Luckily, we were children ourselves once and already know the “stuff all your toys in your closet” trick.  And the “hide food you don’t like in your napkin” trick.  (Hear that, kids?)

Leah (age 3) is the cutest and girliest girl you will ever meet.  (If scientists ever study her DNA they will discover she is made solely of pink sparkles and fancy jewelry).  She has had a busy year trying to earn her angel wings, and not just by pulling over an entire dresser and escaping death by an inch (speaking of angels...)  She often wanders around the house clothed in self-righteousness, pointing out whenever someone is doing something naughty that she is not.  “I’m not using potty words,” she’ll say, right before clawing someone in the eyeball to make off with his toys.  (You know how the saying goes:  Every time a sibling cries, an “angel” dons her wings...).
Matthew (age 3) also tried to earn his angel wings this summer by diving in the pool when no one was watching and traumatizing his mother for life.  (Just writing this is giving her heart palpitations).  Thanks to Divine Intervention he is totally fine, and apparently his brush with death has given him a greater sense of purpose:  he has now permanently donned the cape and cowl of Batman and can be seen saving stuffed animals, fighting the injustice of broccoli being served for dinner, and looking out for his twin sister...  unless she has something he wants, in which case it’s every three-year-old for himself.

Matthew and Leah started preschool in August, and we are not sure who is enjoying it more.  Oh, who are we kidding?  Of course Mom is enjoying it more!  Do you know how much easier it is to shop without the assistance of three goats kids?  No one ever glares at you or asks you to leave the store or anything!

Michael’s (age 7) reading skills have taken off, which means Mom has had to quit being so lazy about leaving her Christmas list lying around.  It also means more awkward questions now that he can read signs about mating giraffes at the zoo.  He is taking piano lessons and enjoying the French immersion program in first grade.  He also has a very mathematical mind and can do all sorts of addition and multiplication in his head.  Oddly, he still has trouble when Mom gives him to the count of three...

David loves his kids so much it was literally causing pain in his jaw.  Apparently he clenches his teeth every time he hugs them, which, last time I counted, was about 975 times a day.  (You can see how this would become a problem...).  He is still working at (company), serving in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency, and wishing he had enough time for a hobby. 

And finally, in spite of the fact that Bonnie spends most of her time trying to teach her kids what does and does not belong in the toilet,  (Things that don’t?  Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, towels, shoes, and entire rolls of toilet paper.  Don’t ask how she knows this…) she loves her kids to pieces and thinks being a stay-at-home mom is the best thing in the world.  When she is not handling potty issues she serves as chair of the Relief Society Welcome Committee.  (This is how we know God has a sense of humor, because He was all, “I know, I’m going to give Bonnie a calling where her entire job is to make phone calls and talk to people she doesn’t know.  Hahahaha!  This is going to be hilarious!”)  In her spare time you can find her reading a book in the bathroom or writing on her blog.  Or hiding in the pantry so she can eat chocolate in peace. 

We love you and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Love, The Overlys

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Kris said...

How come you have no sense of humor? Is a question no one asked you ever. Seriously, I just spewed milk and fruit loops out my nose. And yes, we did have cereal in front of the T.V for dinner.