Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why I Should Have Taken Easter Pictures Before Church

Because this is what happened to Matthew's face during church:

And this is what the kids were like after church:

Ah well, live and learn.


kws said...

Yes, we learned that allowing your kids to eat all their Easter candy right before church (you know, where they're supposed to sit still for over an hour?) isn't such a good idea.

fiona said...

Good grief, what happened to the poor little guy?! He looks so tough... And personally, I think these are GREAT Easter pics. Michael looks particularly happy/adorable! I wish our kids could play together.

Bonnie said...

He got in a war with the wooden hymnbook holder and lost.

Cath said...

Oh my heavenly days, I thought you were going to say the damage was done in nursery. I'm relieved it was a hymnbook holder. But ouch!

And Lisa Flack and I just made the connection that you are cousins! Love. Her. (And you!) It's unanimous (between the two of us). You really ought to write a book! xo