Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Death of Comedy

Sunday night was the Golden Globes, one of 76 annual We-Love-Ourselves fests from our dear friends in Hollywood.  If you didn't watch, don't worry --  If you have a child who takes delight in saying "poophead" at the dinner table or giving regular reports on his private parts in the middle of the grocery store, you didn't miss out on anything.  Seriously.

Even though I watched the spectacle on DVR (read: fast forwarded through 90% of it) I did still manage to catch enough locker room jokes to fill any 12-year-old boy's gross-out arsenal.  At one point Jane Lynch and Tina Fey literally high-fived each other over their success in delivering a male-anatomy joke on national television.  "Yeah!  Penis joke!" they congratulated themselves.  Hilarious. 

Let's hear it for equality in this modern age -- two genuinely funny women reduced to making jokes about penises in an effort to show they can be just as dirty as the men.

R.I.P., Comedy.  We hardly knew ye.

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AshEnds said...

Have you seen this yet. Please comment... I can't wait to hear what you have to write about it.