Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Last night our Family Home Evening lesson was on gratitude.  So, I got my craft on (one of the few times per year) and the kids helped me make small lists of what they were thankful for.

Then we started a family gratitude list we can add to over the next few weeks:

I admit, it does seem a little jarring to have iphones listed right underneath the Savior of the World.  But nothing is too small to be thankful for, and gratitude lists shouldn't suffer from Desert Island Syndrome where everyone tries to be noble and say their three allowed items would include the scriptures and a picture of Jesus when really, they would bring an old collection of Reader's Digests and an endless supply of tampons.  (Personally, I would bring a laptop and my cell phone, because all desert islands should come pre-equipped with cell phone towers and free wireless internet, don't you think?)

Oooh, that reminds me, I'm thankful for wireless internet.  Add that to the list, along with the fact that when I was trying to take pictures of the lists, I had two cutie-pie toddlers step into my shot and say "Cheese!"

And speaking of said toddlers, I'm grateful that yesterday Matthew came up to me saying "Uh oh!  Uh oh!" and pointing down the hall until he could show me that not only had he and Leah turned on the bathtub and somehow closed the plug (not too recently, judging by the fact that Godzilla would have had adequate water for a scrub) they had emptied my entire get-ready drawer into their homemade pool.  Hairspray, make-up, lotion, all taking a swim.  Thank goodness it's a big tub.  Thank goodness Matthew pointed out his mischief in time.

And I suppose, all things considered, this was better than the day before when Matthew somehow procured my curling iron and proceeded to plug it in and then drop it on the carpet.  Great.  Let's not only electrocute ourselves and burn our hands, let's burn the house down.  Luckily I happened upon that one about two seconds after he'd done it.  (For future reference, if you're looking for it, my curling iron will now be residing with the toilet paper in the safe on the top shelf of my closet).

Of course, Michael, ever the helper, will probably observe me hiding the curling iron, get a ladder, and help the babies climb up one by one until they are all sitting on the top shelf of my closet.  Then, when I happen upon them, he will point at his sister and say, "Mom, Leah did it!"

Thankfully, he's not a good liar.  And thankfully I'm like a human polygraph or something.

I love my kids so much, but the combined mischievousness of two toddlers + Michael would make certified neat freaks shake in their boots.  The kids just came up from playing downstairs and within three seconds crackers were dumped on the floor, I had to remove the babies from the table top, and somebody stuffed cereal down the heating vent.  And I just noticed the fireplace is on.  But then they all ran to Michael's room, and I hear peals of laughter echoing down the hall.  I love it when they play together.  I'm so grateful for my kids.

I should check on them though, because you never know what they're up to...  Nevermind, there's no need.  Here they come.  And Matthew is crying.

It's a good thing they're cute.


Alison said...

I sure love your blog Bonnie. Your stories sound just like our house except you tell them with much more humor. :) Your kiddos sure are adorable!

kws said...

I love that Michael is grateful for whipped cream. I'm right there with him on that one!

Cath said...

First thing I noticed on your list? Tampons. So grateful for those. And I can't help but giggle over the curling iron, the crackers, the homemade pool. I feel like we're living the same kind of "out of control" existence. I swear it's the twin factor. They're always colluding... Loved your gratitude take. xo