Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Disease Central

After last week's stomach flu left me hospitalized we were hoping things would settle down in the illness department. Instead, the day I was released from the hospital, Michael was up in the night with a fever of 104. Not wanting to be left out, David finally admitted to himself that he needed to see a doctor after suffering through a week of terrible headaches and sinus pressure, and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. And then, just for kicks, I decided to get an earache and have thrown a little cough in there for good measure.

But the good news is that both babies are angels and, so far, (fingers crossed!) they have avoided getting sick. Hopefully we'll be able to say the same for Grandma, who arrived Sunday night and has since been sneezed on more times than she can count. We're still letting Michael hold the babies since the minute we turn our backs he kisses them on the lips or coughs in their faces anyway. No need for quarantine when the entire house is swimming in germs, I say. We'll just hope the babies are hanging on to the little immunity boost from me and try to sanitize hands as often as possible. (Because the hand sanitizing does a lot of good when you have a three-year-old who likes to wipe his nose everywhere, including baby blankets and burp cloths. Sigh).

Here is proud big brother holding his little sister ("Come here, sweet girl," he said before holding her):

And two sleepy babies:

My, that sleeping picture is simply inspirational. I think I'll go take a nap.


Kristin said...

Okay, that picture of Michael and Leah made me tear up a little. So sweet.

Here's hoping the babies continue to avoid the plague in all its various forms.

Sara said...

So sweet! Nothing is as wonderful as new, straight-from-heaven babies.

And I've realized babies have incredible immune systems - they have to or second (and third!) kids would never survive.

Woodstock cannot keep her hands (or germs or snot or spit) to herself. And Pebbles revels in whatever Woodstock shares ... she adores her older sister, germs and all.

I take reasonable precautions, but I've given up trying to convince Woodstock to not kiss Pebbles on the mouth. After all, Woodstock responded to one plea with "Why momma? She yikes it."

Yes indeed.

Hope you are all feeling better!

Cath said...

Oh Bonnie! I about died when I heard you'd been readmitted right after a section for stomach flu! You guys have been through the ringer!! So sorry ailments keep plaguing you! The babies are absolutely darling. So precious. We have diapers coming your way (from diapers.com) keep a look out. Wish we were closer to hold them! We love you guys! CONGRATULATIONS!

Note: I like your attitude about germs. I stress myself out sometimes trying to clorox everything, quarantine my sick kids and keep them from contaminating each other! It ends up a futile mission most of the time. So why get so stressed out!??? Hang in there!

Cameron and Nonie said...

Sounds like a dooser. Hope things start looking up for you. Can I just tell you? You're babies are beautiful! So precious darling. And get better soon.

Eric said...

Bonnie, I am so glad that your mom made it in. The twins are so sweet. I could have stayed at your house for hours holding them. Too bad the snow made me leave.

Megan B said...

I want to kiss them. Not to share germs, of course. Because they look so kissable. Mind if I wipe Michael's slobber off them first?

overlyactive said...

They are so beautiful. I'm so sorry to hear you got so sick. I'm glad to hear you all are doing better. Love you all!

Rob and Erin said...

Holy cow! You have really been through it!!! I'm so sorry, you poor things. Look at those angel babies...