Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nothing Much

David and I haven't had much going on lately - just a move and 12 days in Europe. You know, the usual.

But now that we have (somewhat) settled in and I can actually see the keyboard through the piles of junk on the desk, I thought I would say hello.

Actually, our piles are relatively few at the moment. This was greatly helped by David having an additional week off work and taking a trip to Salvation Army to unload ourselves of huge amounts of stuff. Living in a hotel for a year certainly teaches you what you can and cannot live without. And somehow it gave me the courage to admit to myself that I will never, ever fit into that adorable yellow skirt from Ann Taylor Loft again, so I might as well pass it on to someone whose hips have not expanded to twin capacity.

So, here we are, back in suburbia, swooning over little things like having a garbage disposal and being able to open the fridge and the dishwasher at the same time. And having a Wegmans. This week I bought boneless chicken breasts for $1.97/lb.!

Now that is something to celebrate.


Sara said...

You're back! I've missed you.

Stephanie Black said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again. I've had Bonnie-Blog Withdrawal Syndrome!

singingrae said...

So glad you're back. Can't wait to hear all about your wild trip to lucky duck. Glad you can now shop at a real supermarket with cheap chicken (don't know how you survived the RIDICULOUS NY grocery prices).
BTW, did you know we're expecting too?

foculbrown said...

Last night, we got the same price for chicken at Wegman's.

Oh, yeah....ah...welcome home.

Megan B said...

Glad you're back!! Welcome home.