Monday, November 23, 2009

Let the Baking Begin

It is Thanksgiving week, which means it's time to start baking! Today is roll-making day. Luckily, I didn't have to do all the work myself. Michael was more than willing to pitch in.

The process went something like this:

I pour warm water in the mixing bowl. Michael adds one tablespoon of yeast. I stop him just before he adds another tablespoon. I turn my back for 2.5 seconds and then catch him dipping a measuring cup in the bowl. I clean off the cup and find he has opened the salt and is attempting to measure it. I divert utter disaster while he opens the eggs. I manage to grab an egg before it dives into the bowl. Meanwhile, the butter on the stove is popping. I pour in the milk and remove it from the heat. Michael whines because he didn't get to put the milk in himself.

Batch two - Michael wants to open the stick of butter. I let him peel off the wrapper while I turn to measure the milk. Michael says, "Mmmmm! That's tasty!" and I see that he has taken a bite out of the butter. He gets upset because I won't let him crack an egg. I distract him by letting him turn on the mixer, which he does - full blast.

Batch three - He insists on cracking an egg himself. I allow him to try. He smashes the entire thing in his hand. I manage to catch most of the shell in my hand before it falls in the bowl. He whines because his hand is messy. We wash our hands.

Now it's time for flour. Michael counts the cups with me. Half of the second cup goes on the floor. My brain short-circuits and I can't remember what cup we were on. Luckily, Michael remembers. Ten seconds later his hand is in the flour bin and he is covered from head to toe in white dust. "I got some on my pants!" he says.

After three batches of roll dough Michael is ready for a break. I have the thought that I should take a picture of the mess, but Michael photogenically has his finger up his nose. I send him to watch "Toy Story" and just try to avoid stepping in the pile of flour on the floor while I make the fourth batch.

We'll see how the rolling and freezing process goes this afternoon. I can't wait till Wednesday - pie making day!... Michael and a cup of shortening.

Now that will be fun.


mathmom said...

That sounds like baking at my house. And, if they turn the blending on full speed right after you add the flour, it makes it look like snow! (Just thought you'd like to know that.) Good luck with pie day! Kids are the best, and you are so nice to let him help. What a great mom.

foculbrown said...

MMMMM, rolls. I can't wait.

Boy, you are starting him off with some tough stuff. Colter's first few attempts at cooking was making Rice Krispy Treats.

Eric said...

Sounds like a fun day. Your shortening comment made me think of a time when we took out all our kitchen furniture and spread shortening all over the floor to make a slip n slide in our kitchen. We thought we had it all cleaned up until my mom came home and just about fell on her face when she came into the kitchen. Just wait, it will only get better.

Megan B said...

Hee hee! You are a good mommy. What did we do before blogs when hilarious moments like these went unheralded? Do you know that I STILL think of you and your yummy cinnamon rolls every single time I fire up the kitchen-aid?

Cameron and Nonie Gay said...

Mmm. Can I come over? I would just love to have a whiff of all that goodness.

fiona said...

Oooh, your rolls...delicious. Even with Michael "helping" I'm sure! Yeah, sounds like our place too, with those little helpers. I had to laugh at M taking a bite outta the butter; Bran ALWAYS is doing that!