Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Only the Thin Shall Pass

It's swimsuit prep season.  If you aren't hitting the gym hard, you're not going to be ready for summer!

Did you hear me?  YOU WON'T BE READY!  You'll look less-than-perfect in a swimsuit!  LESS THAN PERFECT!  IN A SWIMSUIT!

What greater embarrassment could there be??

Well, my name is Bonnie. My body has grown four human beings, I have stretch marks that could double as a topographical map of the Grand Canyon, and I currently wear a size 12.  

I have a summer body.

Yep, you heard me.  A summer body.  A swimsuit-worthy, frolic-in-the-pool body.  Would the internet agree?  Of course not, but here's the thing:


In my day, I've seen too many beautiful women of all shapes and sizes sitting poolside in a full length cover-up because they think they are "too fat" to be seen in a swimsuit.  As if the only woman worthy of a swimsuit is one who could grace the cover of Sports Illustrated in her spare time.  As if a lack of bodily perfection cancels out the right to have fun. 

That. Is. Madness!

Ladies, you already have a summer body.  You already are swimsuit ready.  Because putting on a swimsuit is not some kind of test where the only passing grade is between size 0 and 2.  It's wearing a swimsuit.  That's it.  That's all.  And if anyone tries to make you feel bad about that (yourself included) they are wrong.  You hear me?  WRONG.

A swimsuit is not a medal that you only get to wear once you've dedicated the proper amount of time to burpees and weight training.  It's not a Certificate of Achievement you are granted once you've achieved the modern ideal for fitness.  It's clothing to wear in the pool.  The end. 

You are more than numbers on a scale.  You are more than inches around a waist.  You are more than the sum of your workouts and you are more than a reflection in a mirror.

You already have a summer body.

So get up and make a splash!

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