Monday, June 10, 2013

Rage Against the Machine

Samsung has a message to share:

Men are stupid, gross, uncouth, unkempt, and basically incapable of stringing two grunts together without a fart or burp in between.

But neverfear, with the help of a Samsung Evolution Kit, a grunting, drooling neanderthal becomes the ultimate in female fantasy - a husband skating around the house in a fit of extreme multi-tasking that starts with whipping up a gourmet dessert and ends with a glass of champagne and a romantic flute serenade.  (All while his wife is filing her nails, of course).

In the end, the wife is brought back to reality by the sound of her husband's gaseous emissions.  "At least Samsung TVs are Evolutionary" the commercial tells us sympathetically, as the wife looks on in disgust.

Yes, I suppose it's too much to hope for that a man could ever evolve past burping and scratching and wiping his greasy hands on the couch cushions...  Ah, well.  At least we have our TVs...

Well, in my house, those TVs are never going to be Samsung's.

This kind of advertising is INFURIATING.  My husband is NOT a caveman.  He is NOT an idiot.  He is NOT disgusting and uncivilized.  He is one of the most amazing people I've ever met!  If I did not think so, I would not have married him.  This commercial is incredibly offensive, not only to him, but to my father and my brothers and my sons.  To all the men who have taught me and been my friend and influenced my life for good.

Where do we get off treating men this way?!  This garbage needs to stop!

When you love your husband you don't mock his gender.  You don't treat him like he is stupid.  You don't denigrate his masculinity or his different approach to life.  And you don't gather with your girlfriends to tear him down or laugh at commercials that reduce him to a pathetic neanderthal.

If you love him, it's time to start acting like it.  And the first thing you can do is take out the trash.

Sorry, Samsung.


MyDonkeySix said...

Ewwwwww. That is the first time, and hopefully the last, that I have seen that. That is so wrong. And yet it is accepted in the world that men are dumb and can be treated as such. What awesome relationships people are missing out on by treating their husbands like neanderthals.

Amber Ro said...

Couldn't agree more. I know a women who was trying to teach primary teachers and leaders how to use the "love and logic" verbiage with the children and their parents. In her explanation of how well it works, she bragged about how she used the verbiage to trick her husband into unknowingly doing more chores around the house and helping out more. I was shocked ...I would rather my husband feel like my partner and not my pawn. Wow! Needless to say I love the honesty in your blog. Keep up the good work. Cant wait for you to write a book!