Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life With Toddler Twins

Hmmm, where is that little cover that goes over the bolts on the toilet? (I'm seriously grossed out by the fact that it is missing, especially because I'm pretty sure it wandered from the bathroom by mouth-to-mouth transportation).

How about the nail clippers?

And I thought I put the beaters in that drawer.

Ugh, why is there a sippy cup of petrified milk in the drawer under the stove?

I swear I just washed that blanket.

Why are there forks in the trash can?

What is that smell?

Aaagh, Leah, why did you put your soiled diaper in the toy box?

Don't drag your blanket through my pile up swept-up cereal!

Actually, don't dump out the cereal in the first place.

How did you find that marble?

Don't unroll the toilet paper!

Don't put the toilet paper in the toilet!

Don't put your hands in the toilet!

Ewww, don't put your hands in your diaper either!

Why did you just hit your brother?

Please let me put you down for three seconds.

And this, my friends, is how I end up giving my children leftover frosting for an afternoon snack.

Mmmm... one bucket of cool whip + one brick of cream cheese + one cup of powdered sugar = one moment of glorious, non-destroying silence. (Notice the randomly placed garbage can trying to usurp the position of the rug and what I think is the protective cover for an old TI-85 calculator floating in the background).

Ah, silence...

Well, that was over quickly.

Matthew, get out of the pantry. And don't bite that onion.

You won't like it, I promise.


fiona said...

Oh, Bonnie, how familiar all that sounds! In fact, last night while Z was doing church stuff and I was putting the kiddos to bed by myself AGAIN, and Maeve was running around causing destruction I thought, "wow, and there's only one of her." I thought abt you and my other friend w/15-mth old b/g twins here and breathed a sigh of relief... ;) Of course, I remember loving, and know you love it, too, being in the throes of toddler twins, but it is a special type of chaos, for sure :) Whatever works, baby, whatever works. Leah's grin alone is worth a frosting snack!

Cath said...

I am printing this for our own family history. I'm right there with you sista! My favorite? Don't bite that onion. My latest? "How in the world did you get up there?" Really. You're awesome Bonnie.

overlyactive said...

This is so cute. Leah looks so innocent too--like "I never get into anything!"