Monday, December 14, 2009

Anyone Seen My Marbles?

I think I've officially lost my mind. I know this, because in running errands a few days ago, I knew I needed to pick up stamps. I also needed to mail some packages at the post office. After the usual Target run I thought, "I should stop at Costco before I go to the post office so that I can get stamps."

I was about two seconds from pulling into the Costco parking lot when I decided I only had enough energy for one more errand. Post office in, Costco out. Only after I had mailed my packages and the clerk asked, "Do you need stamps?" did the lightbulb blink on.

I can't believe I almost made an extra stop at Costco for stamps when I was on my way to the post office of all places!

Do they make a multi-vitamin for stupidity? I know there are vitamins out there to help with memory, but frankly, there is only one way to explain this episode:

I am an idiot.

I won't tell you about the batch of cookies I burned or the load of laundry I left gathering mildew in the washer for two days.

Before this week, the last case of brain absenteeism occurred a month ago when we ordered a wallpaper border for the nursery. "Two rolls will be plenty," we thought. Only after the border had arrived did we think it might be smart to measure the room. Verdict? One more length of border, please, plus processing charges. Sigh. But, the border is now up, our marriage survived the experience intact (though we mutually agreed never to hang actual wallpaper), I only had to sit down for half an hour afterwards, and hey, the nursery looks cute.

I went to bed last night hoping this new week wouldn't include quite so much brainlessness on my part. Then, when I woke up this morning and fished for my glasses on the nightstand, I couldn't find them. That's when I realized I could actually see what time it was without putting my nose to the alarm clock.

Yup, I forgot to take out my contacts last night.

At least I didn't forget to brush my teeth.


Dr. Mom said...

I'm pretty sure the lapse in your brain functioning normally is completely due to your pregnancy. I had similar experiences - and I was only pregnant with one. Blame it on the twins, and your weight gain, gray hair, the list could go on and on for me. :)

Stephanie Black said...

I can just see myself planning to go somewhere else to buy stamps right before going to the post office. But I don't have pregnancy to blame. I think I'm just a dingbat.

Cath said...

Oh Bonnie... the brain dead moments are just beginning. It's post-babies that the real fun begins. I've never known fatigue like "mother of newborn twins" fatigue. It's unparalleled. But I'm glad to see you're able to laugh at it already! Love the contacts left in. And the Costco visit - too funny!

For a good laugh, check my August archives for the post - "Brain dead Book Giveaway." I had Moms post their bet brain dead moments in the comments section. What a hoot! Babies left in driveways, iphones mailed by accident. You have so much to look forward to! And I'm not sure when it gets better. I put the canister of enfamil in the refrigerator yesterday.

fiona said...

Ha! Love the stamps story! My pregnancy brain was totally worse with the twins. Left the oven on all the time, left my keys in the front door all night, etc., etc... Not that I'm all that much better now, but slightly...slighty...

Kristin said...

Um, can pregnancy brain last for more than nine months post partum? Or do I need to come up with a different excuse.

I will confess to occasionally forgetting to even brush my teeth. Yuck.